Adolf Hitler (1890-1945) – curriculum vitae

Adolf Hitler – curriculum vitae

Adolf Hitler (1890-1945) he was born and raised in Upper Austria, but in Vienna he spent five and a half extremely important years of his life. He came to the capital at the age of seventeen. He wanted to enter the Academy of Fine Arts. Admittedly, he passed the entrance examination, but the works presented by him, mainly architectural sketches of Linz, were rejected as inappropriate. Not to mention the failure to his family, he stayed in Vienna for a whole year, living reasonably well and living off his father's inheritance, and, after mother's death, from an annuity. In September 1908 r. he tried to study at the academy again, but this time he dropped out after the entrance exam. He felt both defeats painfully. Two years later he wrote this to a friend: "Do you know that – and there is no overconfidence in it – the world lost a lot in the moment, when I was prevented from studying at the academy and getting to know the painting craft? Or maybe destiny is preparing a different task for me?”.

Little is known about Hitler's continued stay in the city beyond that, that he lived for three years in a male dormitory in the eastern district of Brigittenau, bordering on Leopoldstadt, where he sold his mediocre paintings mainly to Jews who traded in frames. Is said to be, that some of his best friends were Jews, although he kept his distance from everyone anyway. There is no absolute certainty about this, but for a short time Hitler probably worked in clearing the Westbahnhof snow, and at the Museum of Art History as a painter and decorator. He even auditioned for the choir at Theater-an-der-Wien, but has been removed, because he was not able to equip himself with appropriate clothes.

Although there is no evidence to confirm the guess, that Hitler contracted syphilis from a Jewish prostitute, is not excluded, that he had some minor sexually transmitted disease, which would somehow explain his obsession with prostitution, against which he stands up sharply in Mein Kampf. Some accounts show Hitler with a beard and long hair, practicing yoga and intoxicated with mescaline. It is not known how much truth there is, but certainly in the winter of the year 1909 Hitler was homeless for a while, unkempt and with a beard and long hair.

For most of his stay in Vienna, Hitler avoided military service, which is not mentioned in Mein Kampf, and he should have taken it in 1909 r. In year 1912 he was sentenced to a year in prison and a large fine; it was this fact that led him to emigrate to Germany in 1913 r. After 25 Over the years, Hitler returned to Vienna under quite different circumstances. He lived at the Imperial Hotel on the Ring, gave a speech to the crowd gathered from Neue Burg on Heldenplatz and before the day had passed he was already on the plane on the way back to Germany.

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