Austria on the Internet

Austria on the Internet

Most Austrian cities offer public access to the Internet, and the number of such points is constantly growing. The prices are within limits 4-8 € per hour, although here and there you can connect to the Network free of charge. Details on internet cafés and prices are provided in the Information section by city. Many hotels and hostels give their guests free access to their mailboxes. Traveling with your own laptop and modem, can be easily connected to postal telephones, payable at the counter. Unfortunately, this is not always possible with hotel phones, but it's always worth asking.

Austria on the Internet The wealth of information available on the Internet is especially valuable to travelers. You can plan your trip in detail, looking for discount airfares, by ordering accommodation in hotels, checking the weather and gossiping with local residents or with other tourists about places, which must be visited (or bypass).

There is no better place on the Web to start your search than Pascal's website (, on which you can find concise, but rich information about almost every attractive tourist place on Earth. You can also see postcards from other travelers and look at the notice board, to ask pre-departure questions and share your travel experiences on your return. Pascal's website is also full of travel news and updates from most of the publisher's most popular items.

Today, many Austrian organizations and institutions have their own websites – the addresses of the most useful ones the reader will find on the pages of this guide. The website offers a comprehensive and, more importantly, the most up-to-date information about this country and lots of links to other thematic sites. The online version of Austria Today, with a catalog of business services, can be found at Internet users will find English descriptions of all major tourist facilities at Comprehensive knowledge about Austria is also available from the Austrian Encyclopedia (, although knowledge of English is required to use it.

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