Usually post offices are open Mon-Fri. 8.00-12.00 i 14.00-18.00 i sb. 8.00-10.00/11.00 (currency exchange only to 17.00). Main post offices, especially those near train stations, they tend to be open much longer, and often even on Sundays (tooth. Information in the following chapters). In some offices there are photocopying points (although in the city and universities it is much cheaper). Normal postage stamps (that is to 20 g) costs 0,51 €. By sending correspondence outside of Austria, you can choose between faster air service or drop-off by regular mail, only shipments to one of the European countries are an exception, whose weight does not exceed 20 g – only one rate applies here (0,51 €). Letters to Europe to 50 g cost money 0,73/1,02 € by regular / air mail, and to other parts of the world 1,02/1,45 € (outside of Europe, there are no categories 20 g). Stamps are available at tobacco stores (Plate) and at post offices.

Maximum weight of a letter-post item (mailing) totals 2 kg (18,17 € by airmail and 10,17 € ordinary to Europe, outside Europe respectively 32,50 € the 18,17 €). The cost of shipping larger packages depends on their size and content (printed materials, such as books and brochures, can be shipped at a lower price. It is also possible to send express parcels – do 20 kg - by special and by EMS mail at the same time (within Austria and to other countries). You should call the telephone number.0810/010101.

Poste restante is called Postlagernde Briefe in German, but both names can be used. Letters sent to any e-mail are stored for a month. You must show your passport when collecting the parcel. It is important to, that the name on the package is written in capital letters and underlined. The post office in German is Postamt. Enter the postal code, street and city names will suffice, that the correspondence is at the appropriate post office. You need to learn the habit of crossing out sevens when entering an address (in a continental style), because thanks to this, the risk of sending the parcel to the wrong address, return to shipper or rejection to bin for reclaimed material is much less.

American Express stores correspondence via 30 days for customers who are AmEx credit card holders


W 1998 r. the monopoly in Austrian telecommunications ended and competition appeared in this industry, which has led to major changes in the level of services provided. The cost of phone calls has dropped significantly, especially when it comes to domestic connections. Currently, the entire territory of Austria is covered by one zone, therefore regardless of this, whether you are calling your neighbor or the other side of the Alps, you always pay 0,15 € per minute of call.

Public telephones are widely available (there are especially many of them near or inside post offices) and the vast majority of them function flawlessly. The minimum fee is 0,15 €. To avoid having to have small coins, and save some money at the same time, it's best to get a calling card (telephone prepaid card), available at post offices, tobacco shops and ticket offices in railway stations. It is also worth buying for this reason, that the cameras for tokens and money are slowly becoming obsolete. Card prices vary (from 3,65 € do 14,55 €), sometimes very beneficial because of the extra minutes of conversation.

A triple beep made up of higher and higher sounds means, that the number you dialed is incorrect. You have to check it in the phone book or in the information (tel. 18200). Rapidly successive tones of the signal mean, the number you have dialed is busy, and when there is a slightly longer pause between successive beeps, wait for a connection.

Cell phone owners shouldn't have any problems (hereinafter referred to as "Handy”), although it is better to check it with your operator before leaving. Austria is one of the friendliest countries in Europe, when it comes to mobile telephony – suffice to say, that nearly six million cameras were purchased in this country of eight million citizens.

For information from Telekom, please call the telephone number.0800/100100. An online directory can be found at

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